The online world is a cold place where the winner is usually the one that plays on numbers. Whether the number relates to attaining the number one position in search engine results, attracting maximum number of online visitors, or having a large number of social fans, the importance of numbers cannot be denied in the digital arena. And the two most potent tools to make number work for your include: SEO and Digital Media Marketing.

SEO is an acronym of search engine optimization. The term SEO means optimizing the website in a way that it gets noticed by the search engines. The end goal of every SEO campaign is to attain the top position in the search engine results page. And when SEO ties knots with digital media marketing, it can turn out to be an explosive combination for making your business a success.

Although the tools of digital marketing are different like PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising, video advertising, social media marketing, CPI (Cost per impression) campaigns; the goal is the same i.e. to attract maximum number of customers to the site. Below are some of the reasons why SEO and digital marketing advertising are better when used together.

1. Refine your Organic Search Strategy

Digital media advertising will help in refining the keywords used to rank your website. When you run PPC ads, you will know about relevant keywords that are trendy and popular among online visitors. You can use digital media advertising tools to refine your keywords list and increase effectiveness of your organic search ranking efforts.

2. Boost Online Social Media Signals

Gone are the days when in order to rank your website, you just had to stuff keywords in your website and appear at the top of search result page overnight. The search engines these days have become smarter, meaner, and tougher in setting requirements for search engine ranking. One such metric that is used by search engines is online social media signals.

The more popular your site on social media, the more importance will Google give to your site. Through digital social media marketing ads, you can improve all these social signals of your website. More specifically, every time a person tweets the URL contained in the ad, likes or shares the URL on Facebook or +1s on Google+, your ranking will automatically take a hit.

3. Leverage Information from PPC Ads for SEO

The third way digital advertising can help improve organic search engine ranking is through analyzing which ads resulted in maximum conversions. You can then use the information to update title tags, meta tags, and meta description of pages that you want to rank in search engine.

Bottom-line is that digital media marketing can certainly help boost online ranking of a website. When used effectively, it can serve as your ticket to reach the top of page of the website. Contact ADVERTLY if you want to benefit from SEO advantages of digital media advertising.