Innovative Formats to Engage Your Users

Desktop Ad Formats

Banner Ads

Common ad formats from the IAB Universal AdPackage can be used on websites, in browser and in desktop games.

Video Ads

Pre-roll or post-roll commercials appear before or after a video clip or a game.

Layers & Interstial Ads

Layer Ads cover the content of the website. Interstitials are displayed before or during the loading of the website.

InSoftware Branding Ads

Software advertising with very high brand presence within a software.

Mobile Ad Formats

Banner Ads

Get massive scale across the widest selection of publishers.

Full-Screen: Smartphone Brand

A large canvas great for showcasing a brand or driving user action.

Full-Screen: Smartphone App Download

Showcase and promote mobile games or apps.

Full-Screen: Tablet App Download

Showcase and promote table games or apps.

Full-Screen: Brand Video

Leverage the storytelling power of mobile video advertising.

Full-Screen: App Download Video

Promote mobile games or apps with a full-screen demo video.

Native Advertisements: Brands

Incorporate branded content seamlessly into an app’s layout.

Native Advertisements: App Download

Drive app downloads without leaving the publisher app

Native Advertisements: Video

Deliver a clutter-free brand video to a captive audience.

Rich Media

Unleash your creativity with mobile-rich media

Ad Flow

Increase your available app impressions by 10 times.

Smart TV Ad Formats

Native Advertisements: Video

Deliver a brand video to TV audience.