1. Focus Obsessively on the Advertiser’s & Publisher’s Experience
Adlytica focuses obsessively on creating an amazing advertising experience for our clients, whether they’re interacting with our brand, their account manager, or a team member.

2. A Culture of Excellence
Nothing is too small, or too insignificant to be anything less than excellent at Adlytica.

3. Earn Trust
Our clients must be able to trust Adlytica, our technology, and any representative they interact with—completely.

4. Beautifully Simple
Simplicity is beautiful, whether you’re advertising or publishing a product

5. Be Open and Honest
The success of any healthy relationship is based in open and honest communication. That’s why we strive to build a workplace that encourages discussion and promotes accessibility at all levels.

6. Be Humble
At the end of the day, we’re here to serve, so egos must be checked at the door.

7. Meaningful Work and Community
Part of our service ethos is not just to take care of the needs of our advertisers & publishers, but to take care of each other and be invested in each other’s happiness and success.

8. Freedom
At our core we are striving to change the world by providing personal freedom through delegation, automation and technology.

9. The Law of the Vital Few (Pareto’s Principle)
Find the 20% that will give you 80% of the outcome, then focus obsessively on getting that 20% right.

10. Business should be a win, win, win.
Advertisers & Publishers win.  Staffs win. Company win.