Investment Opportunities

Why invest in Advertly

For us investing means more than a cash transaction. When you invest, you are trading time and value today in exchange for greater value tomorrow. As such we are interested in a wide range of investments and have opportunities for both cash and equity investors looking to participate in our explosive-growth projects.

Our investors are very important to us, as to be expected. Without their help, we would not have fuel for our productions engine. We take investments very seriously and are always willing to discuss future opportunities.

We welcome opportunities to work with prospective investors and encourage any interested parties to submit an inquiry to our business developer and learn more.

“The turnaround at Advertly is intensifying. We are strong in the game but still have much to do. We have focused the business on ‘cash flow plus growth’ and are beginning to see the benefits of this reflected in our performance.

We plan on using big data to be more disruptive in predictive web and mobile adverting and analytics, take advantage of our brand strength to grow our digital advertising services, and drive further efficiency through automation.

Our aim is to be a diversified advertising company with sustainable and progressive cash flows underpinned by good potential for growth.

We will present our results as simply and clearly as possible.
Financial simplicity and clear financial priorities are essential for investors to make an informed decision about us.

There are two kinds of investments of interest to Advertly: Cash and Equity.

Cash Investments:

Cash investments are situations where an outside party adds funding to a project we have in development in exchange for a percentage of revenues generated. There is no “minimum size” for such and are negotiated on a case by case basis. Such funds are used to offset development costs and promoting our product in the market.

Equity Investments:

Perhaps you have a skill of value to us, or have access to a product or service we need. At Advertly we consider these investments Equity, short for a common industry term “Sweat Equity.” If you are a programmer, technician, legal professional, accountant, or someone tied to the web or mobile advertising industry, we may have opportunities for you to invest your time and expertise as if they were cash.

Key facts about Advertly

1 year old
Over 1000 customers
Annually turnover 2,7 million dollar
29 employees and operating in 7 countries

If you are interested in an investment in the Mobile & Web Advertising Industry, please email us at :